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Ways To Cancel A Personal Auto Policy


In the state of Massachusetts every car on the road is REQUIRED to have auto insurance. Because of this there are only 3 ways to cancel a personal auto insurance policy. 


1. Turn in the plates. 

By cancelling the registration on the vehicle you are making it impossible to be driven. Therefore insurance is no longer required. 


This can be done online at the Mass RMV website - HERE


2. Transfer to a different insurance company.

Your new insurance company will send your old company a form called a 2A. This form is proof that the car is now insured with the new company and allows your old company to cancel your policy. 


3. Don't pay your bill - We DO NOT recommend this.

Non-payment of an insurance bill will result in the company cancelling your policy. This can result in higher premiums and required financing on future insurance policies. 






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