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Gift Forms and Family Transfers


In the state of Massachusetts when a vehicle is purchased sales tax is collected in the amount of 6.25%. There are ways to avoid paying this when receiving a vehicle. 


They only way to avoid paying sales tax on a vehicle is to pay nothing for the vehicle. In Mass there are two forms that, when filled out, will exempt you from paying this tax upon registration. 


- The "Transfer Within a Family" form 

- Named the MVU-26

- This form must be signed by BOTH the donor and the donee.

- There is no fee for this transfer.

- Only valid if transferred from 

- Spouse

- Son

- Daughter

- Mother

- Father

- Sister

- Brother

- Download it here


- The "Gift" form

- Named MVU-24

- This form must also be signed by both the donor and donee. 

- There is a $25 fee for this form. This is paid rather than the 6.25% sales tax.

- Download it here





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